Monday, 28 May 2012

*Cock time*

A new trigger, my new favourite trigger, that I'd like to share with you all today. One that has brought me great enjoyment, for obvious reasons ;-D, and has also been fun directing Elle onto other people.

*Cock time* and *pussy time*.
They're a bit like a turbocharged oral trigger. Whenever Elle hears *obey* *cock time* she'll find an uncontrollable urge to suck my cock. That would be fun enough to abuse in itself I suppose but when I set the trigger up I made it so that it wasn't just an urge but a desire, almost a need.
Elle doesn't just have to suck my cock in the way she has to stop moving when I say *freeze* or do as she's told when I say *obey*. It's more than just a command to her subconscious. She needs to. Her whole body begins to crave cock. The smell, the taste and the feel are all equally important. It's quite a sight to watch her so utterly encapsulated by it!

I've also set it up so it can be directed at other people. If we're with friends I can send Elle into a cock/pussy loving frenzy aimed at any one of them. So far the embarrassment of her going down on her knees and fighting her way through jeans/dresses etc has all been with the receivers, Elle's mind is way too concentrated on getting what she needs to feel any level of embarrassment.

Whether it be out and about in a pub/club or used as a rather interesting ice breaker, the trigger has been mighty fun so far.

More to come soon.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What's been happening?

If I still have any of my original readers left, which I highly doubt after only 1 post in 2011 and a year passing since even that one, you may wonder where I've been. Either way I thought I'd post about why the blog went a bit dead.

There were many reasons really, some directly hypno related and others less so. The non-hypno related reasons include getting a job, becoming more involved in the kink scene and getting introduced to a whole load of new things that have taken up our time. Rope, single tails, e-stims, floggers, latex and many other kinky things! But really and truly the reason the blog went quiet and our hypnosis activities dwindled was the going got tough, and I gave up!

As the blog outlined in the past, Elle and I had great successes with hypnosis and at a really quick pace. Then our progress slowed somewhat and we hit a few sticking points, especially amnesia. No matter how hard we tried, or maybe because of how hard we tried, we could never get it to work. Or should I say, I could never get it to work. My hypno knowledge ran out and then unfortunately so did my patience. I became the hypnotist I never wanted to be, the guy who used the same things over and over. Never pushed to try new things or discovered new tricks. At that point I found solace in my other kinks and mostly left the hypno behind. Trying for a successful amnesia trigger took over every session we did and we'd both finish slightly frustrated, completely lacking the joy of our early sessions.

Having decided to do a hypnotherapy course, partly to extend my knowledge base and also partly with an eye on a possible future career, I've figured I better get back into it properly. Elle and I used to have such amazing fun with it and the things we used to do used to astound us both so I'm looking forward to getting back into my hypno stride. Time to shake off the mental cobwebs and hunt out the love for mind control that I used to have so strongly. I can't wait!

I'm hoping to get a chance to write up some of the hypno fun we've had over the last few months with some friends of ours, Laura and Scott, in the next few days.


Monday, 14 May 2012

I'm back.

Hello again!

It's been a long time since I've even thought about this blog, never mind posted on it but after giving the web address to a new friend I thought I would document the shenanigans of the last hypno meet that Elle and I went to.

The meet was looking to be smaller than usual as a few of the regulars weren't going to be able to make it, including Lex and Liz from over at Hypnofantastico. Luckily, 2 of our friends from London who are into erotic hypnosis too and another friend of ours, Bee, who was intrigued by it all came with us which helped to boost the numbers.

As per usual it all started off with a bit of a non-hypno related catch up washed down with a few drinks and a good deal of laughter. Unlike usual, which may sound rather strange, we ended up doing a lot of hypnosis that day. All kicked off with one of the ladies losing her name the instant she wrote it on a piece of paper, which promptly disappeared into my wallet and she was assured she wouldn't be able to remember it again until the piece of paper was returned to her. This led to much hilarity when she attempted to fill in the membership form at the club we went to that evening, luckily her husband was there to fill the for, our for her!

After the conversation turned even more hypnosis related and we were sure that everyone who was coming was already in attendance we headed off to a magic bar a little walk away. The location gave us a chance to use more hypnosis, with Rich and I implanting number scales into Elle and Bee's subconscious. 1 being slightly aroused , a gentle, warm and stirring feeling in their knickers and 5 being a full blown, body pulsating orgasm. I later added a caveat that as we counted to 4 they would feel an uncontrollable urge to bury their hands in their knickers and play with themselves. Elle took to it very naturally, her exhibitionist streak really showing. Bee less so, being slightly more reserved her conscious mind couldn't quite let go in public and while it could have probably been overcome, it wasn't worth pushing. At one point, I had Elle rising (or falling) to a 2 whenever she looked at one of the girls. At this moment I spotted that a hen party table had just a 3 foot tall tube of cocktails arrive at the table with large letters spelling out 'MAGIC WAND'. Perfect. It was soon installed in Elle that whenever she looked over at the tube she would feel a magic wand being used on her and it wouldn't stop till she looked over at Bee to allow her arousal to fall to a 2. Of course to make it a bit more interesting I also suggested that she would find it impossible not to look at the tube. Cue much hilarity of Elle flicking between the intense feelings of the wand, down to a 2 and back. Repeatedly. At one point Bee had to physically restrain Elle's head in order to prevent her from looking back at the tube. All our group were in hysterics and there were many mystified faces from the hen party table!

In the evening we headed off to a fet night at a local club where we gathered quite a crowd to watch the various goings on. Rich introduced a couple of people to the joys of hypnosis while I spent most of the evening toying with Elle and Bee's numbers trigger. The blackboard came in really handy ;-). Bee's subconscious managed to finally overpower her conscious mind while everyone else in the room was focused on Rich's demonstration and I noticed out of the corner of my eye her hand slowly slide into her knickers. Mission accomplished :-D.

We've not being doing half as much hypo as we used to but that's for another post. Apologies of this is simply a list of events with little detail or explanation, I need to get back into this whole writing thing!


Friday, 8 April 2011

Hello Again

It's been a while since there was anything new posted on the blog. A very long while in fact.

Life has been rather hectic and we haven't really had much time to do any hypno fun, thus not much to write about. While we still love doing hypno, we've been learning some new bits and pieces that have taken up any free time we've had to get up to naughtyness. There are two aims to this post, firstly to share the few bits of interesting goings on that are hypno related since our last post. Secondly, to remind myself just how much fun hypnosis is and spur me on to trance Elle more regularly again.

So, interesting hypno related stuff since our last post. Elle's subconscious popped out for a brief chat. Something that we tried so desperately hard to achieve in the past but her subconscious never really wanted to play ball. This time during a pretty deep trance I asked her to come out and have a chat, next thing I knew, this character that I hadn't seen before said 'Hey'. At this point I should probably explain what I mean. Those who have read the other posts on the blog will remember my post about Trixie - Elle's naughty, submissive side. She is obviously still very much Elle but there is a marked change in Elle's behaviour and mannerisms when Trixie is at the forefront. The character that came out this time was equally as naughty, apparently far less submissive, completely sex mad and seemed very assertive. A lot like Elle in her everyday life, just amplified!

While Elle is very submissive to me and in certain aspects of her life, she is equally able to kick ass and put people in their place if needs be - especially at work. Elle's subconscious seemed to be more this side of her personality. She knew what she wanted (sex), when she wanted it (now) and exactly how she was going to get it (nakedness combined with 'come hither' eyes). Surprisingly enough, it worked. Topping from the bottom if I've ever seen it :D.

Was this really Elle's subconscious? I don't know. Is there anyway to prove it either way? I guess not. Elle herself had doubts as to whether this was just Trixie playing games. I don't believe that to be so as their demeanour was so different but this then opens up the can of worms of what actually is Trixie, a play act by Elle/a part of her personality expressed through a character/a figment of her subconscious/a character created by my suggestions/the many other possibilities. What I love about Trixie is that she has developed as time has gone on. She seems to be able to take more complete control of Elle's body and mind than she used to. She's still very much Elle though, just with bits of her enhanced and bits of her removed.

I digress, what else have we been up to of any particular hypnotic interest... I've found a new love for hypnotic sex dolls. That was probably spurred on by watching some of Lex's (of Entrancement infamy :P ) hypno p0rn. Watching Elle's mind slowly melting away, lose control of her body and becoming completely pose-able is always fun. Always. Watching her lie there completely helpless and immobile allowing me to do whatever I like to her, how I could I not like it?!

And now to the second part, to spur me on to doing more trancing. I think I just accomplished that by thinking about Elle as a sex doll. More than that, I really want to accomplish something new with hypno. Mainly, I'd like to induce amnesia properly and really get Elle to become unaware of her trances. I think my inability to do so was one of the main reasons why we stopped trancing so much. It seemed that everything knew we wanted to do involved some form of amnesia. When we couldn't get it to work we just stopped working at it. Hopefully I can report back soon with a success story!


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sub Space

Hope you all enjoyed Elle's last post, it was certainly a very enjoyable experience to be involved in ;-).

The advancing of Elle's submission seems to have helped along her hypnosis too (or maybe it's just a coincidence, but I don't believe in those...). She seems to be going deeper, both easier and quicker. Unfortunately, mundane life has taken over and this has meant that we haven't been able to use this new found deepness to its maximum.

However, something interesting happened the other night that I wanted to share with you all. Last month we bought a lovely new flogger at the London Fetish Weekend but hadn't had the chance to use it. Until the other night that was :D.

I put some Massive Attack on to listen to, turned the lights down and stripped Elle naked. The sensual and rhythmic beat of 'Teardrop' came on and I got to work with the flogger. Lightly and slowly at first to warm Elle's bottom up, getting gradually faster and harder. Changing angles and technique. Within 10-15 minutes, Elle asked to stop as she was feeling light-headed and 'spacey'. This was something that I had never seen her experience before, well not without any hypnotic triggers that is! It seemed she was beginning to go into trance, all by her self and without any suggestion to do so from myself.

The longer we played, the more intense both the play and Elle's trance became. This wasn't a usual hypnotic trance though. This was different, a kind of blend between Elle's usual trance state and what we've heard described before as 'Sub Space'. This whole Sub Space thing is very knew to us (you're help would be appreciated on that...) but it seems that it is like a rush of endorphins that Subs feel when they are involved in a play session. It was wonderful to watch Elle go into this 'space', it seemed a very erotically charged trance like nothing I had seen her experience before. Something to explore some more I think. And if it means that I have to get the flogger out again, then so be it. It's the price I have to pay to explore trance more in depth :D.

After we had finished with the flogger and Elle was lying on our bed very spacey, and incredibly happy I might add, I figured we should do some more 'formal' hypnosis trancing. She dropped deep, and very quickly! I've been using a technique that I managed to pick up at one of the hypno meets and it's been working rather well. It goes a bit like this 'You know, that no matter how deep you are now, you can go even deeper. Let me know when you are as deep as you can go' Repeat this a few times and you'll have a ridiculously deep subject on your hands ;-). I guess being 90% already in trance anyway kind of helped though.

While at the Bristol meet, Lex had used their *spank* trigger on Liz. This is basically what itsays on the tin, when Lex says *spank*, Liz feels a sharp, short spank on her bottom. Simples! We had a brief discussion about the best way to go about setting up such a trigger and Liz suggested that I should spank Elle in a set rhythmic pattern and then miss one while telling Elle that she wouldn't notice. Thus allowing me to connect the word *spank* to the feeling. Well seeing as I had a bit of a sore arm from all that flogging I decided to save my hand the pain of spanking Elle and got the cane out instead.

Off I went at a nice slow pace - *spank* - combined with a - 'thwack' - of the cane. Over and over again. After a while there was a *spank* but I didn't 'thwack' with the cane, Elle still wriggled, squirmed and yelped as if the thwack had been there. Promising. I carried on for a good few minutes more, occasionally missing out the 'thwack' but still saying the *spank*. It worked perfectly, and continued to work perfectly once I had brought Elle out of trance too. I haven't had the opportunity to see if it still works today but I'm sure it won't take much to get it to work again if it has worn off slightly.

Tips, tricks and all other comments are welcome as always!


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Exploring my sub side further

Recently Jay has been asking me what I want out of hypnosis, and to this I answered, “I don’t know” because genuinely, I don’t. Jay was the one who first got into hypnosis, and being the good sub I am, I have just gone a long with him, enjoying all these new weird and wonderful experiences. I had never really thought about where I wanted this to end up on a deeper level. Improving my amnesia skills and one day having the ability to see magical creatures both appeal though.

So I decided to ask him where he would like to go with hyno and got the simple answer “complete control” my reaction to this was very much spilt, half of me (probably Trixie’s influence) got very excited and turned on straight away but the other half was very scared!

It is not that I do not trust Jay, far from it, but part of me just panicked. I’m a very creative person, with at times strong opinions and being ‘different’ is such a big part of me so I think the side of me that was scared was worried that I would lose this free spirited part of myself if I give myself to him fully.

That night Jay tried getting me to give myself over to him by confessing it out loud that he owned me, all of me, and at the time high on my need for an orgasm and a little of Trixie popping in it was all fine, in fact it was very good and a real turn on. But the next day something changed and I freaked out about it due to the above reasons and other pressures in my life.

Over the next few days we spoke more and more about it all not really coming up with a solution. Then we decided to use a script written by Lex to work on giving Jay a trigger to completely control me. This wasn’t like Trixie were she is a slave but has her own mind, it’s more mindless and controlled. We played with this throughout the week getting great results and I was really enjoying it.

So this last weekend, Jay and I were heading to a hypno meet in Bristol, meeting up with some like-minded hypnotists and hypnotees. We went to show off our new skills and pick up some help and advice.

The weekend went down a treat, we learnt a lot of good tips on how to improve certain aspects and Jay and Lex had fun playing with mine and Liz’s triggers in the hotel bar, causing a lot of frustration for both us, and I’m sure for the onlookers. But the best part came when we went to bed, as it usually does ;). As Jay and Lex had kept playing with my hornyness, I was very horny by the time we were heading to bed, sadly Jay said he was not so I asked him to play with our orgasm scale before I exploded, but he did a lot more then that :-).

Jay decided he wanted to try and completely control me again after the success we had had with the script. We sat and talked about it and worked out my issues, and he promised to work with me so that this time I did not freak out, and so he began. He started with getting me to move my mind into his hands, much like we do with pain, pushing out those thoughts and feelings but this time I was also giving my fears and all my thoughts away making me blank. I think because when we move the pain out into his hands we give the pain a colour I gave my thoughts a colour, or more a glow!!! So as my thoughts moved into Jay he started to light up with a glow (and yes I know this sounds a little crazy) and when they came back we were connected through this glow, becoming truly one (again I know it sounds a little crazy but really this is how it felt). I was so intoxicated by this glow and felt so connected to Jay that it was easy to give over control and not stop myself giving everything to Jay. This felt so good and so intense even recalling it now has got me excited and almost out of breath, this ended in me having a great orgasm which seemed to last continuously for about 5 minutes, which as you can imagine was simply AMAZING!

The next morning I didn’t feel any different to the night before like the first time we tried this. I still felt relaxed and at ease with all that happened and like I said before even recalling it has made me horny so hopefully this good feeling will last and we can really use it enhance everything else.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

New feature

I've decided to add 'Reactions' to the blog posts.

There are now three options 'Interesting', '*Hottt*' and 'Other'. So if you find a post thought provoking, or well... interesting, then tick the Interesting box. If the post did something for you, made you a little 'hot under the collar' etc, then tick *Hottt*. Finally, if it was neither of those then tick Other and feel free to post your comments as to what the Other thing you thought of the post was!